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Description of rules

em Seg Out 01, 2018 8:56 pm
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Rules for keeping in the Clan and for obtaining Pages.

1- The absence of presence, of 5 days without entering the Clan, will automatically exclude the character. Unless communicated in advance and accepted by the administration of the Clan.

2- Rules for purchasing Pages for Forgotten Scrolls (skills)
   For every 3600 Star Stones donated to your character, you acquire the right to request 1 Forgotten Scroll of your choice, in the 1x1 chat, which will be delivered according to a queue that will be available in this forum with the title "Page Delivery Queue".
Each page request will include your request in a queue position.
If you are expecting a previous delivery, and completing another 3600 stones, you may request one more order that comes at the end of the queue and will be answered when your turn arrives.
That simple.

3 - Every day will be made dungeon, as long as there are red starstones for this. The time will be at 9:00 pm Brazil, Argentina.
  - There is no obligation to make a dungeon, the administration of the Clan whenever there are red starstones will do them.

4 - Adena donations and Proof of Blood are not mandatory, but if the character has donated 525k of adena and 8,400 Proof of Blood during the week, which would be the equivalent of a donation TOP of the two elements, the character may request a discount of 600 red starstones at your next page request, thus costing the page at 3000 red starstones.
All information on the different order types will be verified by the Clan administrators.

NOTE: All requests and communication of the Clan must be made in Chat 1x1, with administrators: Azazel or LittleSi
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